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McCrea's Caramels

McCrea's Caramels

McCrea's Caramels

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McCrea's Candies produces handcrafted caramel candies in traditional and unexpected flavors. Made in Hyde Park, MA, in a kitchen full of creativity, music, and the aroma of melting sugar mingled with fresh cream, McCrea's caramel is cooked in copper kettles, hand rolled, and fed through a vintage cutting and wrapping machine. It is then hand-packed into beautiful plastic-free packaging, suitable for gift giving and all made in the USA.

Product features: Premium Ingredients - real food for real flavor Locally-sourced cream, milk, and butter No corn syrup, Fair trade vanilla, Gluten, nut/peanut, and soy free. No artificial colors or flavors Reusable and recyclable paper packaging Compostable wrappers made from vegetable cellophane

Each 1.4oz pillow contains 5 caramels. 

Caramels Tall Tube contains approximately 17-20 pieces total. 

All sales final on consumable products. 

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